People with chronic mental illness become increasingly estranged and often have no place to live.

But they’re not alone. We offer a home to those with nowhere to live.

Maison des Amis' staff of 14 takes care of up to 46 adults whose mental illness has left them homeless in the Baton Rouge region. The number in need of our help is growing, and the cuts in state mental health services are putting more mentally ill people on the streets without treatment.

That’s not good for anyone.

We take in as many of the sick as we can afford. We make sure they take their medicine. We schedule transportation to get them to their doctors. We offer training to those who can learn so that working and self care can become possible again. Some of our residents enjoy going to the library as a way to open and order their minds - we make sure they get there. Maybe most importantly, Maison des Amis creates a safe environment where the mentally ill can become friends with their housemates and be reminded of what it means to be a part of society again.

A place to live and company to keep. That’s what many of our residents want most of all, and that’s why the ones who can give back. They work alongside our staff to clean up after lunch, mow the lawn, unload donations and assist however they can.

Testimony to our work comes in many ways. One client insists that his sister join him for Thanksgiving because, as he says, “Maison des Amis is my home.”

Maison des Amis appreciates the generosity of the people who donate to our cause. They stand with our residents. To inquire about admission or to donate, please contact us at 225.343.3827.